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1. What are the hours of the Planning and Zoning Department?
2. How do I get to your location?
3. How can I find out how a property is zoned?
4. What are the required building setbacks?
5. How can I obtain a copy of the Park County Land Use Regulations (LURs)?
6. Can I live on my property during the construction of my primary residence?
7. How long is the Planning and Zoning Sheet valid?
8. If I am putting in a driveway, do I have to complete the same paperwork as if for a residence?
9. Can I camp on my property?
10. Can I have horses on my property?
11. Can I build a storage shed (accessory structure) on my property if it is vacant land, and if so, do I need a building permit?
12. Are there any size restrictions for a residential structure?
13. Can I subdivide my property into several lots?
14. Can I put a mobile home on my property?
15. How can I file a complaint pertaining to a land use violation?
16. Who is responsible for culvert maintenance?