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Bid Title: Bailey Facilities Cleaning Services
Category: Park County Request for proposal (RFP)
Status: Closed



Park County Government invites and welcomes proposals for their Bailey Facility Cleaning project. Based on your previous work experience, your firm has been selected to receive this RFP and is invited to submit a proposal. Please take the time to carefully read and become familiar with the proposal requirements. All proposals submitted for consideration must be received by the time specified above under the "Proposal Submission Deadline."

Bidders should note that any and all work intended to be subcontracted as part of the bid submittal must be accompanied by background materials and references for proposed subcontractor(s) - no exceptions.

Project And Location

The project associated with this RFP is or shall be located at All Bailey County Owned Facilities, Bailey, Colorado 80421.

Project Manager Contact Information

For questions or information regarding Cleaning supply's and equipment, contact:

Michael Kinnaird
Fleet and Facilities Manager
Ph: 719-839-0268

Project Objective

The objective and ultimate goal for this project is provide and maintain a clean environment within park county's bailey facilities ..

Project Scope And Specifications

The Project Scope and Specification are:

Provide cleaning services for the following Bailey area Facilities:

  • Bailey Library, 350 Bulldogger Rd, Bailey
  • Bailey community center, 83 Main St. Bailey
  • Bailey Public Health, 82 Main St. Bailey
  • Bailey Services Building,59865 Hwy 285

Scheduled Timeline

The following timeline has been established to ensure that our project objective is achieved; however, the following project timeline shall be subject to change when deemed necessary by management.

Mandatory building walk throughAugust 6, 2021
Proposal SubmittalAugust 16, 2021
Starting DateAugust 19, 2021

Proposal Bidding Requirements

Project Proposal Expectations

Park County Government shall award the contract to the proposal that best accommodates the various project requirements.

Park County Government reserves the right to: (i) award any contract prior to the proposal deadline or prior to the receipt of all proposals, (ii) award the contract to more than one Bidder, and (iii) refuse any proposal or contract.

Deadline To Submit Proposal

All proposals must be received by Park County Government no later than 5:00 PM. on August 16, 2021 for consideration in the project proposal selection process.

Proposal Selection Criteria

Only those proposals received by the stated deadline will be considered. All proposals, submitted by the deadline, will be reviewed and evaluated based upon information provided in the submitted proposal. In addition, consideration will be given to cost and performance projections. Furthermore, the following criteria will be given considerable weight in the proposal selection process:

  1. Proposals received by the stipulated deadline must be in the correct format.
  2. Bidder's alleged performance effectiveness of their proposal's solution.
  3. Bidder's performance history and alleged ability to timely deliver proposed services.
  4. Bidder's ability to provide and deliver qualified personnel having the knowledge and skills required to effectively and efficiently execute proposed services.
  5. Overall cost effectiveness of the proposal.

Park County Government reserves the right to cancel, suspend, and/or discontinue any proposal at any time, without obligation or notice to the proposing bidder.

Proposal Submission Format

The following is a list of information that the Bidder should include in their proposal submission:

Summary Of Bidder Background

  1. Bidder's Name(s)
  2. Bidder's Address
  3. Bidder's Contact Information (and preferred method of communication)
  4. Legal Formation of Bidder (e.g. sole proprietor, partnership, corporation)
  5. Date Bidder's Company was Formed
  6. Description of Bidder's company in terms of size, range and types of services offered and clientele.
  7. Bidder's principal officers (e.g. President, Chairman, Vice President(s), Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, General Managers) and length of time each officer has performed in his/her field of expertise.
  8. Bidder's Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN)
  9. Evidence of legal authority to conduct business in Colorado (e.g. business license number).
  10. Evidence of established track record for providing se1vices and/or deliverables that are the subject of this proposal.
  11. Organization chart showing key personnel that would provide services to Park County Government

Financial Information

  • State whether the Bidder or its parent company (if any) has ever filed for bankruptcy or any form of reorganization under the bankruptcy code.
  • State whether the Bidder or its parent company (if any) has ever received any sanctions or is currently under investigation by any regulatory or governmental body.

Proposed Outcome

  • Summary of timeline and work to be completed.

Equipment or Service

  • List any accommodation, services, or space required from Park County Government, along with a brief explanation.

Cost Proposal Summary and Breakdown

  • A detailed list of any and all expected costs or expenses related to the proposed project.
  • Summary and explanation of any other contributing expenses to the total cost.
  • Brief summary of the total cost of the proposal.

Licensing and Bonding

  • Provide details of licenses and bonds (if any) for any proposed services that the bidder/contractor may plan on providing for this project.


  • Details of any liability or other insurance provided with regard to the staff or project.
Publication Date/Time:
7/27/2021 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
8/16/2021 5:00 PM
Contact Person:
Michael Kinnaird
1295 Costello Ave.
Fairplay, Colorado 80440
Telephone: 719-839-0268

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