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Park County Connect, your local broadband Internet working group

  1. Are you happy with your Internet Service?
  2. Please take our five minute survey to help us bring faster internet service to your business and home. Your information is Confidential and results will be shared only in the aggregate. Your input will have a lasting impact. Our goal is to help bring faster broadband to our entire county. We want to retain our workforce and help create new jobs to raise the economic well being of our county. Your response to this survey will help Park County Connect determine how many businesses in Park County need a faster internet service. We will use the results from the study to encourage Internet Service Providers to expand their services and reduce our costs.
  3. Park County Connect Survey
  4. Please indicate your primary Internet Service Provider.
  5. What data speed are you subscribed to—please select one below.*
  6. Would you say that your internet service is reliable?*
  7. What is the data speed that you are actually receiving at your place of business?

    Go to State Speed Test to check your internet speed.

  8. Do you have other service provider options at your location?*
  9. Are you satisfied with the speed of your Internet service?*
  10. Are you subscribed to the fastest speed available?*
  11. Would you switch providers if you found another that provided you faster speeds at about the same price?*
  12. How important to your business is access to a faster Internet connection?*
  13. If you had access to a faster Internet connection today, how likely would you be to expand your business in the next three years?*
  14. Would you be willing to pay up to 10 to 15 percent more per month for your internet connection if you were guaranteed higher date speeds than what you are currently getting?*
  15. Is your telephone service (voice) bundled with your Internet service? (That is, are you paying one price for both services?)*
  16. Do you work via telecommuting?
  17. Would you like to telecommute?
  18. If your phone and Internet services are not bundled, what are you paying per month for each service?
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