Who is the Responsible Agent?

The Responsible Agent is someone hired by the owner to take care of the property on their behalf.  If you are the owner you may also sign as the Responsible Agent.  The Responsible Agent must be available at all times to receive County inquiries and address all issues at the property.

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1. What is the Schedule Number?
2. The application requests tax receipts from the Treasury Department but my taxes are paid by my mortgage company. What type of documentation do you need?
3. The application asks for a floor plan with room dimensions, etc. what format do you need this in?
4. I see the application asks for a parking plan. What format is acceptable?
5. The application asks for a trash and snow removal plan but we have a management company that handles both. What do you need for this?
6. Where can I get a copy of my recorded deed?
7. Who is the Responsible Agent?
8. What if I don’t have a copy of my Certificate of Occupancy or Septic documentation?