Public Emergency Notification System
In an effort to reach more citizens during an emergency, Park County uses the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. With this system, citizens are able to enter their own data and choose how they would like to receive the notification. It allows Park County residents the ability to supply their own information.

Not only does this ensure a more accurate database, but also allows residents to input an unlisted number, their cell phone number, or any other secondary phone numbers. This will create a more robust database and reach more residents with essential emergency information.

You will recognize the CodeRED call when your caller ID displays the following numbers. Please be sure to add these telephone numbers into your telephone's contacts, when applicable.

  • 866-419-5000 or Emergency Comm for Emergency Notifications
  • 855-969-4636 or ECN Community for General Notifications
  • 800-566-9780 or Emergency Comm for CodeRED Weather Warning Alerts

If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.

CodeRed Logo with text Code Red

If you have any further questions about CodeRED, please contact the Park County Communications Director 719-836-4115.