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As of April 2, Park County lifted the mandatory evacuation so the emergency shelters are closed. If we need to reopen, the shelter location will be the Lake George Community Center located at 39141 US Highway 24, Lake George, CO 80827.

Large animals and livestock to evacuate, please go to the Lake George Community Park located at 37371 US Highway 24 in Lake George, CO 80827.

Please call the evacuation line at 719-836-4200 for updates. 


  • On April 8, the fire moved to 65% containment.  
  • Despite winter weather and precipitation near the 403 Fire, Park County residents will remain in pre-evacuation until further notice. 
  • April 4, No red Flag Warning in effect today. Lake George (District 8) remains in a Stage 2 Burn Ban.  Jefferson Como, Hartsel and Guffey are in a Stage 1.  NW Fire and Platte Canyon are not in a Burn Ban.
    • The 403 Fire received light precipitation last night and early this morning. The fire remains at 1,518 acres and 60% contained. Firefighter and public safety remain the first priority. Since the high temperature is predicted to be around 32 degrees and feels like 19 degrees there will be reduced staffing on the fire allowing firefighters to take precautions as they continue to patrol and work the fires edge. 
  • April 3, Red Flag Warning and Stage 1 Burn Ban in effect from noon today until 8 PM
  • April 2, Red Flag Warning and Stage 1 Burn Ban are in effect until 8 PM
  • April 1, Red Flag Warning and Stage 1 Burn Ban continues in Park County on Saturday April 1, 2023 from 11 AM - 8 PM. Please use extreme caution as fires will start easily and spread rapidly today throughout the county and region. 
  • March 30, A Red Flag Warning and Stage 1 Burn Ban continues in all of Park County today until 7 PM. Exercise extreme caution.  

Smoke & Ash Re-entry Guidance: 

Ash from forest fires is for the most part nontoxic and quite similar to ash from a fireplace or campfire. However, toxic substances may be found in the ash and debris from burned structures This can be harmful to human and animal health and the environment due to the synthetic and hazardous materials present used to build. Some older buildings may contain asbestos and lead.

As residents are allowed to return to their homes, they should be prepared to protect themselves from smoke and ash that may still be heavy in the area. Inhaling smoke is not safe for anyone, even if you are healthy and have no pre-existing medical conditions.

Fire ash may: 

  • Irritate the skin, nose, and throat
  • Trigger asthmatic attacks or worsen other chronic respiratory disease symptoms. 
  • Those with chronic heart and lung disease, pregnant women, children, and the elderly are more likely to be affected by ash inhalation. 

To limit exposures and prevent health risks:

  • Do not allow children to play in the ash. Wash ash from toys before allowing children to play with them.
  • Wash ash off household pets.
  • Wear gloves, long‐sleeved shirts, and long pants when cleaning ash, and avoid skin contact. If ash does get on your skin, wash it off as soon as possible.
  • Well‐fitting dust masks may provide some protection during cleanup. 
    1. N95 masks can be provided upon reentry. 


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