Online Appeal Instructions

Online Appeal

Objections may be filed by filling out the Petition to Assessor form:

Click on Search (at the top of the page), fill in one search line to find your property, once your property sheet is located,  go to the bottom of the page to Assessment Appeals Process and click on the blue box, Petition to Assessors.

When you click on the Petition to Assessor it will ask for an email address to start the process or a reference number to continue working on a previously started appeal.

Once your email address is entered you can choose from two grounds for appeal categories:

Assessor Appeals Process - Choose appeal type

Valuation - Is your value too High?

If you have recently purchased your property, what was the sale amount?  If you are thinking of selling, what price are you considering asking?  How do these values compare with the estimated value the Assessor has placed on your property?  What do you believe your property value should be?

This online appeal process will help you choose properties which sold within the data collection period that are comparable to your property.   You will also want to gather as much information as you can on the sale of similar properties in your neighborhood.   Compare the features of these sold properties to the features of your property.  If there are differences, the values of the properties will probably be different.

Please remember — you are appealing the value of your property not your estimated taxes.

Classification - Do we have the wrong information?

If the Assessor’s records do not reflect the correct data, a fair value cannot be estimated.  We encourage you to submit any information you have gathered.  If you have uncovered an error, it is possible that a staff appraiser needs to visit your property to ascertain whether discrepancies or changes to the property warrant a value or classification change.  

After reviewing your inventory, comparing like-properties and reviewing sales, if you still feel your property value is incorrect, an Appeal may be in order.

Assessor Appeal Comp Search

You may need to select different Categories in order to get a good sampling of comparable properties. You can do this by clicking or unclicking the box in the Use column.

Assessor Appeal Comp Results

This is where you can choose your three comparable sales.  It is best to choose comparable properties that have similar features, size and location to your property.  Comparable properties that are closest to the reappraisal date of June 30, 2022, is also beneficial.

 After choosing your comparable properties, click on "Select checked items for reportat the top of the page. Select checked items for report

Step 3:  Fill out the Appeals Process Form—you will be guided as to required information.

Step 4:  Attach supporting documents.

Step 5:  Review and submit.