Sheriff's Office Fees

Civil Paper Service Procedures

The procedure for having a paper served is to bring the document in person to the Fairplay office or the Bailey office, mail the document to the Park County Sheriff’s Office or call to arrange to e-mail the paperwork.  Service fee and mileage fee apply.  You must pre-pay the service fee for your paper service.  You will be billed for mileage after the paper is served or attempted.   Check should be made out to Park County Sheriff’s Office.  Documents for service can be mailed to:

Park County Sheriff's
Office Attn: Civil Division
PO Box 1732
Bailey, CO 80421

If you have questions regarding the service of documents, please contact our office at 303-838-4441 or 719-836-2424.

Civil Request Form - please download, print and submit with items for Civil Process.

Park County Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

Civil Service Fee Fee
Civil Paper (unable to serve) $20
Civil Paper (served) $35
Mileage Fee (per mile) see federal mileage rate
Writs/Garnishments $20
         Restitution $160
         Replevin $75
         Execution $200
Civil Standby $125
         After 2 hours $50.00 per hour
Fingerprint Services Fee
Liquor Licensing (CBI: $38.50/Sheriff's Office $10 per person) $48.50
Marijuana Licensing (CBI: $39.50/Sheriff's Office $10 per person) $49.50
Concealed Carry Permit Fee
New Permit $100
        CBI background/fingerprint check $52.50
Renewal $50
       CBI background check $13
       Late Fee $15
Vehicle Impound/Storage Fee Fee
Per day after 30 days $10
Firearms Storage per Count Order Fee
Monthly fee for each $5
Animal Licenses (proof of rabies vaccination required) 1-Year Fee 3-Year Fee
Canine - Intact $30 $75
Canine - Spayed or Neutered $10 $25
Feline - Intact $15 $45
Feline - Spayed or Neutered $5 $15
Replacement Tag $5 $5
Description Fee
Bond Process Fee $10
PBT (portable breathalyzer test) $5
UR (Urine Analysis) $20
Records Check (background or criminal history per search $10
Registration of Sex Offender Fee
Initial Fee $50
Re-registration $25
Reports Fee
Case Reports - includes search & retrieval and redaction of criminal justice records (up to the first 10 pages) $7.50 ($.25 for each additional page)
Case photos  $2.50 each 
Research & Retrieval & Redaction Processing of reports and audio/video  $30 per hour (1-hour minimum, in addition to cost of drive)
8 GB Thumb Drive

$20 per drive (If total file size of video exceeds maximum size of 8GB flash drive - additional drives will be used. Requestor will be charged $20.00 for each flash drive, in addition to hourly fee)  
Mailing of Records/Recordings $3.00 $3.00
VIN Inspection (vehicle identification number) Fee
Regular VIN $20
Certified VIN $20