Sheriff's Office Fees

Park County Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

Civil Service Fee Fee
Civil Paper (unable to serve) $20
Mileage Fee (per mile) $.50
Writs/Garnishments $20
         Restitution $160
         Replevin $75
         Execution $200
Civil Standby $125
         After 2 hours $.50 per hour
Fingerprint Services Fee
Liquor Licensing (CBI: $38.50/Sheriff's Office $10 per person) $48.50
Marijuana Licensing (CBI: $39.50/Sheriff's Office $10 per person) $49.50
Concealed Carry Permit Fee
New Permit $100
        CBI background/fingerprint check $52.50
Renewal $50
       CBI background check $13
       Late Fee $15
Vehicle Impound/Storage Fee Fee
Per day after 30 days $10
Firearms Storage per Count Order Fee
Monthly fee for each $5
Dog Tags (proof of rabies vaccination required) Fee
Intact Animal $30
Spayed or Neutered $10
Replacement Tag $5
Description Fee
Bond Process Fee $10
PBT (portable breathalyzer test) $5
UR (Urine Analysis) $20
Records Check (background or criminal history per search $10
Registration of Sex Offender Fee
Initial Fee $50
Re-registration $25
Reports Fee
For each searched case report (retrieval and copying of the first 10 pages) $5
per each additional page $.25
Locating older reports (per hour) $25
Case photos each $2.50
CD's each $15
VIN Inspection (vehicle identification number) Fee
Regular VIN $10
Off-site VIN $15
Certified VIN $20