Important Information

Important Information For Code Red

  • Code Red is a location driven alerting system.   When you register your home it must be the physical address of your house.  You should register your landline and your cell phone to receive messages about issues involving your homes location.  When you register make sure your address maps to the correct location on the map.  If it does not, click and drag the balloon to the correct location.
  • Register your home's physical address to receive code red alerts on the Community Notification Enrollment page and follow the directions.
  • Register your cell phone with the Code Red mobile APP as another option for you to be alerted to what is occurring at the location of your cell phone, it is ONLY for your cell phones location.   You should register for BOTH the mobile app when you travel and on the county website for when an incident involves your homes location.
  • An unlisted number will not get a reverse 911 unless the resident signs up with Code Red.
  • 866.419.5000 is the number that will always be used to deliver Emergency notifications
  • 855.969.4636 is the number that will always be used to deliver General notification number ( non emergent )
  • To hear the last messaged delivered, call the number back to hear the message again.
  • A number that does not allow 800 or solicitations will not receive a reverse 911 unless the resident contact their phone provider and add 866.419.5000 and 855.969.4636 as an approved number.
  • Set up Code Red as a contact in your cell using the 2 numbers above, that way you know it is not a solicitation but an important phone call.   
  • If your cell phone has a ring back ( music while your call is processed ) your cell provider will need to approve both numbers in order to get the message.
  • If you set your landline at home to ring to a fax you will not receive a reverse 911.
  • Code Red can not deliver a message to an 800 number.  If you want a message delivered to a business you will need to use your local number.

  • Due to the use of communications systems by the public during major events such as wild fires, residents should expect landlines and cell towers to become congested due to use.   You may ONLY receive a TEXT during an emergency because cell towers are overwhelmed.   Always says yes to the text option

If you have questions contact the Director of Park County Communications at 719-836-4115