Land & Water Trust Fund

In 1997, Park County voters approved a 1% sales tax with a 10 year sunset, that created the Park County Land and Water Trust Fund.  Approved uses of the funds were “to preserve, protect, acquire, improve, and maintain Park County’s remaining water resources and lands associated with water rights and water resources.”  In 2006, the sales tax was renewed for another 10 years (2008 to 2018) with over 80 percent approval. 

In 2018, a ballot question was approved by 65 percent of the voters that expanded activities and uses to include preserve, protect, acquire, improve, lease, and cover maintenance of water rights and water systems/structures, open space, wildlife resources, and outdoor recreation resources. 


Beginning in October 2021, meetings are held on even numbered months (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec) on the 2nd Wed of that month at 1:00 pm.  Meetings will be held in-person and by Zoom.  Please be sure to refer to each agenda for the in-person meeting location.

MembersTerm Expires
Mark Lamb (Chair / At Large)2023
John Woodward (Vice Chair / District 1)
Liz Biggs (Secretary / District 2)
Ramon Castro (District 3)
Michelle Allard (At Large)
Mike Moonan (At Large)
June Vincze (At Large)


Park County Land & Water Trust Fund
P.O. Box 1373
Fairplay, CO 80440