Land & Water Trust Fund

The Park County Land & Water Trust was  created to preserve, protect, improve and maintain Park County's water  resources and lands associated with water resources.

Founded in 1998, the Park County Land and  Water Trust uses revenues derived from a 1% sales tax to preserve,  protect, acquire, improve and maintain Park County’s remaining water  resources as well as lands in Park County containing water rights  and resources.

The sales tax was renewed for another 10 years in 2006 with over 80 percent approval. In 2018, a ballot question was approved by 65 percent of the voters that added new uses of the sales tax funds.

 Beginning in 2019, the money may also be spent to preserve, protect, acquire, lease, improve and cover maintenance of water rights, water systems/structures, open space, and wildlife and outdoor recreation resources.

Meetings are held at the Shawnee Community Center the first Wednesday of February, May, August and November at 1:00 pm.

Agendas & Minutes