State Resources

  • Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation - Provides statewide leadership and support to organizations involved in archaeology and historic preservation. Oversees a wide array of preservation-related programs including City and County Government Preservation Program (CLG), National & State Registers of Historic Places, Preservation Tax Credits, State Historical Fund, and Resource Survey & Inventory.
  • State Historic Preservation Tax Credit - Colorado offers a 20% state income tax credit to property owners undertaking $5,000 or more of approved preservation work on designated properties.
  • State Historical Fund - Statewide grants program created by the 1990 constitutional amendment allowing limited gaming in the towns of Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk. The amendment directs that a portion of the gaming tax revenues be used for historic preservation throughout the state.
  • Colorado Preservation Inc. - Non-profit organization promotes historic preservation in Colorado by providing information, education, training, expertise, and advocacy.
  • Directory of Colorado State Register Properties - A complete annotated listing of all archaeological and historical sites, buildings, and districts currently listed on the State and National registers.
  • Directory of Cultural Resource Personnel, Organizations & Agencies for Colorado - Names, addresses, and phone numbers of archaeologists, historians, paleontologists, historical architects, etc.
  • Historic Colorado Architecture and Engineering Guides - Online guides provide information about architectural styles and Colorado or Colorado-related architects and builders.
  • The Power of Heritage and Place: A 2020 Action Plan to Advance Preservation in Colorado - Statewide plan seeks to motivate and empower people to value heritage and historic places by enhancing opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of sharing and preserving the stories embodied in historic sites.
  • Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Colorado - Report summarizing the findings of a 2-year study of the economic impacts of historic preservation in Colorado. Covers historic rehabilitation (including the State Historical Fund and State and Federal tax credits), heritage tourism, property values, affordable housing, and rural preservation.