Tax Liens

Tax Lien

  • A tax lien is a claim against a property imposed by law to secure the payment of taxes.
  • Delinquent Real Property Taxes will be advertised once a week for 3 consecutive weeks prior to the annual tax lien sale for the amount of taxes, accrued interest, advertising, and other applicable charges. (Per Statute C.R.S. 39-11-102 ).
  • See Delinquent Taxes for more information.

Park County-Held Tax Lien Certificates

  • Purchasing County-held tax lien certificates is a "buyer beware" proposition, we strongly advise that you conduct due diligence in researching a certificate before having it assigned to you.
  • Please research legal descriptions using maps and records available through the Assessor’s Office.
  • You may also want to go to the property and see for yourself before making a decision.
  • Understand that you are holding a tax lien certificate; this does not give you any legal rights to the encumbered property.
  • Payments Must Be Made by Cash and/or Certified Funds

Tax Lien Information