Park County is Proud to be a Right-to-Farm and Ranch County

Right to Ranch
Given their importance to Park County and the State of Colorado, agricultural lands and operations are worthy of recognition and protection.

If you live next to a ranch you should expect:

  • Noise from tractors
  • Dust from animal pens
  • Odor from animal confinement and manure
  • Water seepage from irrigation
  • Use of herbicides and fertilizers

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Fence Law

Colorado is an "open range" state. Ranchers are not required to fence livestock in. If you don't want livestock on your property it is your responsibility to fence them out.

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If you have a ditch or stream going through your property you may have no rights to that water. Do not interfere with the flow of any water going through your property.

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The Farms and Ranches of Colorado provide habitat for 75% of Colorado's wildlife. Allowing your pets to chase livestock or wildlife is against the law.

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