Shawnee Area Historic Sites

Shawnee Area


54166 Highway 285
State Register - designated 6/12/1996
Having homesteaded an adjacent 160 acres, Ben Tyler purchased this 1873 house and property from its second owner, Ruth Flowers. He eventually added not only to his land holdings, but to the original 1-room cabin, reflecting his increasing success as a rancher.


54576 Highway 285
Park County Landmark - designated 02-14-2008, Site # 5PA.4178
Charles Tyler constructed a modest 3-room frame house on this property in 1890. Following the death of his fiancée, Charles sold this property to his brother, Ben, in 1899. The house later became the home of Ben's niece, Martha Tyler, and her husband, Tillman Howard, in 1915. The house has been rehabilitated in recent years to its appearance during the Tillman's time.


Includes 22 properties within Shawnee
Park County Historic District - designated 2/28/2008
Shawnee was platted in 1900 by John Price as a resort and summer home community. The Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad promoted the many resort destinations in Platte Canyon like Shawnee as refreshing alternatives to the hot, crowded Front Range cities. From grand Victorian Era houses to Rustic summer cabins, Shawnee still retains the appearance of a turn-of-the-20th-century rural resort.


54545 Highway 285
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 9/27/2012
In continuous use as a summer home since the 1920s, "The Babbling" is an exceptional example of an early twentieth century rural Colorado vacation home. Situated on 40 acres of picturesque mountain land, Albert Teller Orahood and his family combined whimsical features with rustic details to create a secluded oasis where the family could relax and pursue favorite pastimes such as fishing.