Lake George Area Historic Sites

Lake George Area


410 CR 90
State Register - designated 3/8/1995
Though first settled in 1895 by the Bruner family, the subsequent owners, the Raines, built the majority of the buildings on the property. The ranch, like most in Park County, was also a way-stop for both stagecoach passengers and friendly Utes.


4921 CR 100
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 6/26/2008
Following a common practice in Park County, members of the Curtis family filed homestead claims of 160 acres each on adjacent properties to increase the acreage available for running a successful cattle operation. This homestead was filed by the matriarch of the family in 1909. One of the family's original log cabins remains in good condition on the property.


37026 CR 77
State Register - designated 3/8/1995
First settled by John Payne in 1916 along what was once the Colorado City road, the ranch is typical of those established by former miners discouraged by a lack of success in the Lake George area. Most found farming and ranching far more profitable given the rich soil and abundant water of the Tarryall Valley.


1233 CR 90
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 8/25/2011
The Milton Pulver Homestead, one of the earliest homesteads established in the Lake George area, was located on the mail and stage route that ran between Fairplay and Colorado Springs. Newspapers of the 1870s and 80s often mentioned that the Pulver's offered an excellent meal for those fortunate enough to arrive at dinner time.The family became influential in the area, which now contains landmarks bearing their name including Pulver Gulch and Pulver Mountain.


38325 Highway 24
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 9/27/2012
John A. Quist, also known as Ole or Ollie, built this home on the north side of Highway 24, presumably in the 1920s. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, he operated a liquor store within the same building. Quist's liquor license was reportedly the first issued in Park County after Prohibition.


37371 Highway 24, Lake George Community Park
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 12/13/2008
Moved from its original location to the Lake George Community Park to save it from destruction, this 1890s cabin displays features of a well-designed and constructed vernacular log building. The cabin, the last remaining structure of the successful Snair Ranch operation, has been rehabilitated for use as an educational and interpretive center.