Alma Area Historic Sites

Alma Area


184 N. Main St.
State Register - Designated 12/11/1996
Built by the community in 1936 as a church, the fieldstone building has been restored and serves as a meeting and event center.


59 E. Buckskin St.
State Register - designated 12/11/1996
Townspeople replaced the fire-destroyed town school with this 1930s, mission-style structure. It now serves as the town hall, library and police department.


217 S. Main St.
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 8/25/2005
Believed to be one of the oldest structures in Alma, the circa 1874 rustic cabin is being rehabilitated for future use as a visitor center and museum.


 212 N. Main St.
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 3/11/2004 Once the office of a 1870s silver mining smelter, the wooden building later became the headquarters for the Ladies' Aid Society. The town-owned property is scheduled for rehabilitation in the future.


236 N. Main St.
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 12/6/2012
The Mary Gately House and its garage were constructed in 1935 for Mary Gately, one of 6 Gately siblings that moved to Alma around 1930 from Rifle, Colorado. Two of Mary's brothers established the Gately Motor Company in Alma while her other brother Sydney served as General Manager of the London Mining and Milling Company in nearby Mosquito Gulch.

North London Mill

6632 Park County Route 12
Park County Historic Landmark - 9/21/2017

The North London Mill was constructed in 1892 as an amalgamation stamp mill to serve the London Mine. From 1892 until 1937, the mill processed what at the time was one of the most profitable gold strikes in Colorado. As often seen in the extractive industries the mill operated off and on and saw a series of refittings, such as the 1897 renovation to a cyanide plant and in 1927 when outfitted with flotation technology. The Mill and its associated buildings and structure (London Mine Office, boarding house, stable, outhouse, tailings pond) are an important emblem of the economic history of the county and embody the characteristics of period mill architecture.


2702 CR 8
Park County Historic Landmark - designated 3/19/2005
National Register - designated 8/6/2013
Completed in 1895, this mill served the many gold and silver mines in Buckskin Gulch. Now owned by Park County, the mill is undergoing preservation for future use as an interpretive site.