Cemetery Board

The policies of Park County relating to the operation of county-owned and/or managed cemeteries are established by the Board of County Commissioners. A Cemetery Board, composed of 8 members of the community and 2 ex-officio members has been appointed to advise the Board of County Commissioners. The cemetery board shall act as managers of the County cemeteries with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners.


  •  Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

Cemeteries Represented by the Board

  • Shawnee Cemetery
  • Como Cemetery
  • Horn Cemetery
  • Lake George Cemetery

Members & Contact Information

Please call the following person or persons affiliated with the selected cemetery to make appropriate arrangements in a timely manner or when requesting information regarding burial in a county owned cemetery:

MembersTerm Cemetery/Affiliation

Kim Plutt2024 - 2027Lake George719-748-3949
Steve Plutt2024 - 2027Shawnee and Park City
Erik Swanson2024 - 2027At-Large719-836-2627
Ellen McCallum2024 - 2027Como719-429-0632
Rebecca Jepsen2024- 2027Horn303-775-0991

Burial Policies, Rules & Regulations

The burial of any human body outside of a County cemetery shall be permitted only with the written consent of the landowner, and under such regulations that may be deemed necessary to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public, and in compliance with State statues. A burial permit must be filed with the County Clerk and Recorder and the County Coroner must be notified.