Property Taxes

Property Tax Assessment

Location of property in the county determines the jurisdictions to which tax revenues are dispersed. Residential property is assessed at 7.96% of its appraised market value. Generally, all other property is assessed at 29% of its appraised value.

Mill Levies

In 2016, mill levies for Park County's 2 incorporated towns were 18.367 for Alma and 11.799 for Fairplay. RE 1 Platte Canyon School District and RE 2 South Park School District mill levies are 28.735 and 19.128 respectively. Special Improvement District mill levies range from zero to 35.0, depending on the district. These rates will likely change in 2017.

2016 Park County Property Tax Role

Property ClassificationNumber of ParcelsAssessed ValuationPercent of Tax Role
Residential Properties12,642$218,801,09053%
Vacant Land23,815$116,862,54028%
Commercial Properties703
State-Assessed Public Utilities30
Agricultural Properties1,069$16,829,1807%
Natural Resources Properties13$4,101,5401%
Personal Property333$5,394,5101%
Industrial Properties7$790,7601%