Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to be more involved in your South Park/Bailey community? Park County Sheriff's Office - Victim Services needs a few great volunteers to work directly with crime victims, offering support and access to resources during a critical stage of trauma.

Volunteer Victim Advocates are called by Law Enforcement during evening hours and weekends to respond on scene, to ensure victims' rights are upheld and needs are met. Most volunteers will have access to a county vehicle when they are on call with a radio for their use in the vehicle.

The application (PDF) process is selective and applicants must be at least 21 years of age, submit to a background check, and attend a 40-hour training, attend a volunteer meeting/training once a month. No experience necessary.

Volunteer Services

The success of the program can be attributed to the many volunteers that dedicate themselves to helping others and their community. Our volunteer advocates provide services in all geographical areas of the County, including:

  • Bailey
  • Jefferson / Como
  • Fairplay
  • Alma
  • Hartsel
  • Lake George
  • Guffey

Most volunteers maintain full-time jobs and families in addition to committing to assisting victims of crime and other traumatic events in Park County. Contact Victim Services at 303-816-5915 if you are interested in volunteering for the program.


To be accepted as a volunteer:

  • Have the ability to cope with emotional and stressful situations
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Reside in Park County
  • Complete the Victim Services Volunteer Application (PDF) process, which includes: a criminal background check, fingerprinting and interview
  • Attend the 40 hours basic training
  • Attend 1 evening meeting per month
  • Be on call by phone 2-4 days a month
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Make a 1-year commitment