Releasing Deeds of Trust


The following is needed to execute a release of deed of trust:

  • Original Note - Marked paid in full or canceled in lieu of foreclosure. If the original note is lost, a Lost Instruments Bond needs to be obtained
  • Original Deed of Trust - If the original cannot be obtained, a copy of the deed of trust showing the recording information is satisfactory
  • Completed Release Deed of Trust Form - Must be notarized
  • Fee - $28 is required. If the release form is more than 1 page, add $5 more per page
  • Return self-addressed stamped envelope - for return of documents

Please submit the previously mentioned documents and fees to our office and we will execute your release. Please put a return address on the back of the release form: Mail to:

Park County Treasurer and Public Trustee
P.O. Box 638
Fairplay, CO 80440