Making Changes to Historic Property

Making Changes to Historic Properties

Making changes to historic properties can enhance, improve and protect the property, but some changes may be too drastic or be destructive to the original material used in building the structure.

If properties are designated, owners will want to preserve both the look and the usefulness of their important piece of history.

Park County designated properties have the Park County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (PCHPAC) and the Office of Historic Preservation as their advocates. The Office of Historic Preservation can guide the property owner looking for a way to preserve their property with the right materials and techniques while still being useful in today's world.

PCHPAC reviews proposed permit requests to be sure that historic property won't be negatively affected by the change. Their advice is advisory only, and the property owner does not have to comply with their recommendations as long as the changes meet official building codes, however, most owners of historic properties value the knowledge and recommendations PCHPAC offers.

Many grant making organizations and tax credit opportunities use the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation as guidelines for funding or tax credits for any proposed changes to designated properties. Below are the basics of those standards.