Nomination Forms

Local Applications and Guidelines

Buildings or sites that have a documentable past and retain their historic appearance may be eligible for listing on the local, state, or national register of historic places. Park County has established its own criteria for recognizing buildings, sites, structures, objects, or districts that are important to the history of a local community, Park County, Colorado, or the nation. There are similar criteria for listing on the state and national historic registers, and some properties may qualify for listing on multiple registers. To learn about the benefits of historic designation, see our Frequently Asked Questions sheet or contact Projects and Grants Manager at 719-836-4237.

Office of Historic Preservation staff are happy to assist with the preparation of nominations for listing as a Park County Historic Landmark or as a Park County Historic District. To begin the local designation process, property owners should complete the Landmark Eligibility and Landmark Owner Consent Form and submit to the Office of Historic Preservation or in person at 1246 CR 16, Fairplay, CO 80440.

Please feel free to contact Projects and Grants Manager at 719-836-4237 if you have any questions about the forms or the designation process.

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