License Plates

Transfer of License Plates

License plates in Colorado are the property of the original owner of the vehicle and do not transfer to the new buyer at the time of the sale.

Plates may be transferred from your traded-in or sold vehicle to your newly purchased vehicle. You may also purchase new plates from our office. If you decide to use existing plates, please bring in the plates and registration from your old vehicle.

Types of License Plates

The State of Colorado currently issues over 101 different plate types. Many types are available in the County and others are only available through the state office. For a tour of Colorado plates types and requirements, see the State of Colorado License Plates.

Personalized Plates

Personalized plates are available for additional charges as follows:

  • Regular personalized plates (green and white)
    • Application fee: $60
    • Annual renewal fee: $25
    • Replacement fee: $50
  • Colorado designer personalized plates (green with purple mountains)
    • Application fee: $85
    • Annual renewal fee: $50
    • Replacement fee: $50

A completed DR2810 Form (PDF) is required and must be sent to the state office. Upon acceptance of your plate choice, you will receive a billing notice requesting payment of the appropriate fee. Payment is required prior to manufacture of your plate.