Posted on: February 16, 2017

County Commissioners Support BLM’s Methane Waste Prevention Rule and 2.0 Planning Rule

Trees with Methane Gas Burning


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County Commissioners Support BLM’s Methane Waste Prevention Rule and 2.0 Planning Rule 


Fairplay, Colo. (February 16, 2017) –

Congress is poised to revoke two common sense regulations that were finalized in the past few months using an extreme tool called the Congressional Review Act. I traveled to Washington, DC last week to meet with Colorado’s Senators to urge them to uphold these guidelines.

The Bureau of Land Management’s methane waste prevention rule is designed to reduce the amount of wasted natural gas when companies drill for oil or gas on our public lands. It requires companies to find and fix leaks, reduce the amount of gas that is burnt off, and prohibits venting the gas directly into the atmosphere. In total, it will result in substantial new revenue to the federal, state and local governments.

In addition, the BLM finalized new planning rules, referred to as Planning 2.0, to increase the amount of public feedback the agency receives when revising its land management plans. This makes sense, so that management for public lands is guided by solid public input.

The House of Representatives has already voted to undo both the methane waste rule and Planning 2.0 through CRA resolutions. What’s worse, not only would the resolution undo the new rules, but it would bar the agency from enacting similar rules ever again.

I met with Senator Bennet, and he supports both sets of guidelines. However, staff for Senator Gardner has said he is on the fence. I hope both Senators will stand up for what is right for Park County and support keeping the methane rule and Planning 2.0 in effect.

For editorial information, please contact Tom Eisenman, County Administrator, at 719-836-4203 or via e-mail at teisenman@parkco.us.                                                          


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