Posted on: February 14, 2017

Tell Congress to support BLM’s Natural Gas Waste Rule and BLM Planning 2.0

Flares from natural gas at Sunset

Tell Congress to oppose rollback of the BLM’s Natural Gas Waste (Methane) rule

Some members of Congress have launched legislation to roll back a recently-adopted U.S. Bureau of Land Management rule to cut natural gas waste and pollution from oil and gas development on public lands.

Every year, $330 million-worth of natural gas is wasted through the deliberate burning and venting of natural gas as well as from leaky equipment and infrastructure. This costs the American taxpayer tens of millions in tax dollars that would go to the states and federal treasury. In fact, one study found that taxpayers would lose $800 million over ten years if nothing is done to stop natural gas waste.  

Congress’s effort to rollback the rule would allow the waste of America’s energy resources and more pollution such as ozone that can trigger asthma attacks and worsen emphysema. The BLM’s Natural Gas Waste Rule is widely supported by local officials, businesses, landowners, Latino organizations, taxpayer groups, and others across the U.S.  

What has Congress proposed?  Some Members of Congress proposed using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), an extreme and reckless tool that would prohibit the agency from ever taking action to cut natural gas waste and pollution on public lands.  

The good news: we can stop this proposal by securing the support of the majority of the Senate. Every vote counts, and we need to send a clear message to Congress to cut waste and protect our public lands.  

Please call your Senator and tell them to OPPOSE using the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the BLM’s Natural Gas Waste Rule:  

  • Tell them who you are and where you’re from 
  • Urge them to oppose using the Congressional Review Act, an extreme and reckless tool, to eliminate the BLM’s Natural Gas Waste Rule.  
    • Tell them why the BLM rule is important  
    • Public resources should be used for the good of the American taxpayer 
    • The rule helps reduce air pollution and protects our health 
    • The rule would save taxpayers tens of millions each year by capturing gas instead of wasting it.  
    • Some companies are already using technology to capture wasted gas, saving millions in lost revenue. Upwards of 80 companies employ workers in methane mitigation at more than 500 locations across the U.S. 
  • Restate your ask: Don’t allow America’s energy and our tax dollars to be wasted. I hope you will oppose efforts to rollback the BLM natural gas waste rule.  

Priority Senators                 DC Office Number Main      District Office Number 

Senator Gardner (CO)        202-224-5941                          303-391-5777 (Denver) 

Senator Portman (OH)      202-224-3353                          614-469-6774 (Columbus) 

Senator Donnelly (IN)        202-224-4814                          317-554-0750 (Indianapolis)  

Senator Graham (SC)         202-224-5972                           864-250-1417 (Greenville) 

Senator Heller (NV)           202-224-6244                           702-388-5020 (Las Vegas) 

Senator Collins (ME)          202-224-2523                           207-622-8414 (Augusta) 

Senator Alexander (TN)    202-224-4944                           615-736-5129 (Nashville) 

Senator Manchin (WV)     202-224-3954                           304-342-5855 (Charleston) 

Senator Flake (AZ)             202-224-4521                            602-840-4092 (Phoenix) 

Senator McCain (AZ)         202-224-2235                            602-952-2410 (Phoenix)

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