Transportation Voucher Program

Transportation Voucher Program

Park County Senior Coalition’s Transportation Program is funded by the state of Colorado through Pike’s Peak Area Council of Governments. This funding places certain requirements on the trips the Coalition can reimburse. Voucher recipients must be at least 60 years of age, and Park County residents. Mileage reimbursement is restricted to vehicles which display a current license plate tag as required by State law, are equipped with safety belts and passenger safety devices as required by State and Federal laws, are insured at or above the State minimum automobile insurance requirements; and are operated by a driver with a valid Driver’s License. Park County Senior Coalition assists with mileage reimbursement and does not provide drivers through this program. Program participants are able to choose their own drivers, and are responsible for verifying their driver’s credentials and completing any background check.

Requesting Transportation Assistance

*PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment in the Transportation Voucher program may take 2-4 weeks.

  1. Only registered Park County Senior Coalition clients are eligible to receive Transportation Vouchers.
  2. All Transportation Voucher clients must be Park County residents, and at least 60 years of age.
  3. The required reimbursement form must be completed and received by Park County Senior Coalition within one week of the end of the month in which you received transportation to be eligible for reimbursement. A driver may assist in completing paperwork, but they cannot sign for the eligible senior.
  4. Only medical and grocery shopping trips are eligible for reimbursement. Trips that do not include medical or grocery stops are not eligible for reimbursement. Once a trip is eligible, additional stops will be considered for reimbursement. Reimbursement will not exceed $75.00/day.
    1. Medical trips require proper documentation that the medical appointment was attended in order to receive reimbursement. (letterhead confirmation of appointments from Dr. or receipt from store.)
    2. Grocery trips require a receipt from the grocery store to receive reimbursement.
    3. Additional stops require a receipt from the store or other verification to receive reimbursement.
    4. If you have a question about the trip being reimbursable, call PCSC to verify in advance.
  5. The Coalition will make any mileage reimbursement checks payable to the eligible senior. Checks are generally written bi-weekly, and will be mailed. Park County Senior Coalition will not make voucher payments to drivers.
  6. A voucher letter defining program eligibility must be received before service can begin. The voucher letter will identify the applicable reimbursement rate, eligible service dates, and the eligible senior.

Transportation Donation

There is NO CHARGE for participating in the Park County Senior Coalition’s Transportation Voucher Program. Donations are requested, but not required, and do not affect eligibility or delivery of services. We are required to ask all transportation clients for a donation. Coalition policy for Transportation Services states the recommended donation is equal to $5.00 per one-way trip. All Trip Donations are placed back into the budget for the specific service for which they are received. Park County Senior Coalition is a 501 © (3) non-profit corporation. Your donations may be tax deductible. You may call 719-836-4295 with any questions. We gratefully accept any donations we receive.