Administrative Decisions

Septic System Designs
Effective August 16, 2010, excluding holding tanks and vaulted privies, all septic systems will be designed by a Colorado Licensed Engineer that is approved to do such designs in Park County. For more information, read the entire Administrative Decision related to Septic Designs (PDF).

ISDS Determinations
Thomas Eisenman, Development Services Coordinator, has itemized his interpretations of the Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) regulations from 1999 to present. For more information, read the entire ISDS Determinations Memo (PDF).

Tire Chips
Tire chips are not allowed to be used as leach field aggregate. Tires can still be used in other areas, such as playgrounds, athletic fields, road-base additives, and as fuel sources for power plants. For more information, read the entire Tire Chips Memo (PDF).