South Park National Heritage Area

Mission Statement
To provide an active learning environment for residents and visitors that conveys South Park’s western heritage, unique commu­nity identity, and inspires and supports the creation of new local heritage products and services is the mission of the South Park National Heritage Area. The Heritage Area will play an active and sustainable role in the local economy and will work to bolster it through heritage tourism.
South Park National Heritage Area Logo
About the Designation
The South Park area has long been revered as a nearly pristine example of well-protected natural resources and existing historic mining and ranching structures.

After many years of work to achieve the designation, in March 2009 Congress approved and President Barack Obama signed a bill designating the South Park National Heritage Area - one of less than 50 such congressionally designated areas in the United States that represent the history of the country.

The people of the South Park believe strongly in the need to protect our abundant cultural and natural resources while encouraging others to enjoy them with us.

Numerous public meetings to discuss ideas have led to the preparation of a 10-year plan to responsibly manage the South Park National Heritage Area. The management plan is currently under review by the National Park Service. Once the 10-year plan has been reviewed and accepted by the National Park Service, there will be federal funding available to help Park County implement the management plan through projects in partnership with willing property owners, non-profits, local, state and national agencies, and other entities.